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How to Choose the Perfect Micro Wedding Venue

A micro wedding could be the perfect way to celebrate your marriage. You first need the right venue to ensure your special day is as unique as possible. The good thing about a micro wedding is that it could make it easier to find a venue. With fewer guests, you could have various options, from informal to more upmarket venues.

Your venue choice is the most crucial decision when planning your wedding. It's the backdrop for everything else, so you want it to be the right place. This guide will give you some all-important tips for choosing the best venue for your micro-wedding.

micro wedding venue

What Makes It a Micro Wedding?

What exactly is a micro wedding? When is a wedding no longer micro? A micro wedding is between an elopement with a maximum of 2-5 guests and a small wedding. It's intimate and focused on your closest family and friends. There are differing opinions on exactly how big a micro wedding can get. Some say it's a wedding with at most 20 guests. Others might suggest that there could be up to 50 guests, although that's edging into "small wedding" territory.

The most important thing about your micro wedding isn't necessarily the exact number of guests but how intimate the affair is. Once your wedding reaches a specific size, you can lose that intimacy and closeness of a micro wedding.

Whatever your definition of a micro wedding, there are some great reasons to have one. You can save money, reduce stress, spend more time with each of your guests, and make it more fun for everyone.

What Types of Venues Are Available?

Deciding to have a micro wedding can open up some fun and exciting venue choices. You can consider smaller venues instead of looking at huge hotels and sprawling grounds. This means you can look at slightly more traditional venue options and alternative places.

There are a few different venue types that you might consider:

  • Private event spaces – spaces designed just for hosting micro weddings and private events can be set up with all you need for the big day.

  • Restaurants – choosing a restaurant can be an excellent way to center your reception around the meal, and there's usually space for dancing and more

  • Bars – bars often have private event spaces or can even be rented out as a whole venue for the day.

  • Hotels/B&Bs/guesthouses – accommodations like boutique hotels or bed and breakfasts can provide wedding services and make it easy to sort out where everyone will stay simultaneously.

Destination Wedding vs. Close to Home

One of the first decisions you must make is whether to get married at home or have a destination wedding. Both can be excellent options, and a destination wedding may be much more achievable if you keep things small. There are two primary considerations. Firstly, what would be convenient for your guests? And secondly, what do you want? Balancing these two things is important because your wedding should fulfill your wants and needs, but you also have special people whom you want to be there and have fun with.

Staying close to home and having a destination wedding has pros and cons. But you'll have to pick one before you can choose a venue.

The Right Venue Size

Getting the right size for your wedding venue is critical for a micro wedding. Some larger venues may say that they can work with couples having smaller weddings. However, these venues might not suit you if they're not designed for micro weddings. You'll likely be sharing the venue with other events, and you could end up in a room too big for your party.

Looking at smaller venues may be the key to finding the right place. They are set up for small events, and they'll have the proper facilities and staff to cater to your needs. Ask about how many people can be seated in a room or how much space there is for people standing so that you can find the right place.

Pick a Vibe/Style/Theme

There are all kinds of venues in different styles that could work for your micro wedding. Deciding on a theme for your wedding, or just a general vibe or style you want to go for, will help you make a selection that works for you. You might be looking for a rustic farmhouse venue like The Warehouse for a relaxed atmosphere that will make the day special. Maybe you're considering a festival wedding, or you want a venue with a stately home style.

You should think that you probably want to have some beautiful photographs of the day. This can influence what type of venue you're looking for and what styles you like. Look for venues with attractive places to take posed photos and good backdrops for candid shots.

Check Out the Catering and Drinks Options

Keeping your guests happy with food and drink is one of your significant responsibilities as the hosts of your wedding. Of course, you want to be able to enjoy some delicious food and beverages too. Exploring the catering options available to you can make or break your choice of wedding venue. There might be in-house catering, or you might have the option of hiring an outside catering company. In-house catering can make things much more accessible while allowing you to design the menu you want for your wedding reception. Catering for a micro wedding can give you more control over your menu, allowing you to be more selective and create a more refined menu.

You should be able to tailor your catering to your tastes and design a menu that will delight you and your guests. Whether you want a casual buffet or a fine dining experience, you should have the right chefs designing and preparing your food and an appropriate setting to match the atmosphere you want to create.

Look Into Staff and Support

Another thing to consider is what staff will support you as you plan your wedding and the day. Will the venue provide you with a dedicated wedding planner to help you put everything into place? What sort of staff will work the event—servers, bar staff, or anyone else? You need to know who will meet your guests' needs during the wedding.

Check out reviews of venues to learn more about the service you'll receive. Having the staff available is one thing, but you also want to know they will look after you on your big day.

Consider Nearby Accommodation

It's a good idea to check out possible accommodation options when choosing a venue for your micro wedding. As you're keeping things small, you should book and even pay for somewhere for your guests to stay. But even if you leave that up to your guests to arrange, you may suggest a few options. Some venues also offer accommodation, which is handy. Others can recommend places to stay nearby so that you know options are available.

Contact Venues to Inquire

If you have a shortlist of venues you would like to consider; the next step is to get in touch and learn more about them. When you first make contact, they should discuss what you're looking for and provide you with more information about their wedding services. By creating a proposal for you, they can outline your wedding based on your budget, the number of guests you plan, and other preferences.

You should have the chance to ask any questions you want to know the answers to. This could be practical things such as whether you will have exclusive use of the venue, if it's accessible for disabled people, what the parking arrangements are, and how long you would use it. You might also have questions about the services and facilities on offer, from the food options to whether there are spaces for the happy couple to get ready or if there is a space where you can have your ceremony.

A consultation with a venue should help you decide if it's right for your micro wedding. Speaking to at least a few places will allow you to compare and contrast to refine your preferences and determine which venue meets your needs.

Micro weddings are about keeping it small and making the day about you and your closest loved ones. Finding the right venue will help you to create that magical, unforgettable experience.

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