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How Much Should You Spend on a Micro Wedding in NJ?

Planning your wedding day is an exciting, unique journey to share with your other half. But organizing a ceremony and reception can also be stressful, overwhelming, and financially straining. Luckily, over the past years, new trends in the wedding industry have provided today's couples with a new, exclusive option: throwing a micro-wedding.

Micro celebrations allow you to tie the knot in a unique setting, plan an intimate ceremony, and share your special day with your loved ones. Even more importantly, micro weddings are a great option to safeguard your savings and kick-start your life as a married couple.

But how much should you spend on a micro-wedding in NJ? The answer varies - but some strategies can help you host a unique wedding while sticking to your budget. Pro tip: It all starts with choosing the right location! Contact us and host your NJ micro wedding at The Warehouse by David Alan.

micro wedding in NJ

Average Cost of Hosting a Wedding in NJ

To understand the cost savings that hosting a micro-wedding in NJ can offer, let's start by clarifying how much couples spend on a traditional wedding today. Although budgets span significantly, the average cost of a wedding in the US was $20,300 in 2022.

Nonetheless, this figure changes widely depending on the state in which you'll host your wedding. For example, hosting a wedding in Massachusetts will set you back a whopping $30,489, while a traditional wedding in Arkansas can be as cheap as $12,426.

If you have chosen to get married in NJ, you must know that the state ranks second in the list of most expensive places to get married. Indeed, a traditional wedding in NJ will cost you an average of $30,357 - or $460 per guest!

How Much Is a Micro-Wedding in NJ?

Although the figures above might put getting married out of reach for most young couples, it is essential to remember that weddings can be affordable. And, even more importantly, you don't need to compromise between safeguarding your savings and throwing a unique celebration!

With a micro-wedding, you'll get the best of both worlds!

Although costs for micro-weddings vary depending on your choice of venue, vendors, and number of guests, you can expect to spend below $10,000. If you plan an elopement with fewer than 12 guests, you can have an unforgettable celebration for less than $1,600!

At The Warehouse, we can help you create a dream wedding that reflects your goals and budget. Get in touch with us today!

Benefits of Hosting a Micro Wedding, NJ

So far, micro-weddings are generally more affordable than traditional receptions. But why should you choose a micro celebration over a large party? Below you'll find some of the benefits of hosting a micro wedding. Let's get started!


One of the most significant advantages of micro-wedding hosting is that you'll have more control over the budget. According to a survey by The Knot, 49% of the 15,000 US couples polled went over budget with their wedding, most of them by an average of $6,373. However, a few of the couples spent $20,000 more than expected!

If you are afraid of going over budget and affecting your finances, hosting a micro-wedding will make it easier to manage expenses and stick to your predetermined amount.

Greater Availability of Venue Options

When hosting a micro-wedding, you'll have plenty more options regarding venues, as you won't need to find a location that matches a long guest list! Even more importantly, welcoming fewer guests means that you can play with different wedding options, such as destination weddings and elopements, or you could get married at a public or outdoor place!

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your micro wedding in NJ, the team at The Warehouse by David Alan can help - get in touch to get more information and obtain a personalized quote.

More Intimacy

If you want to make your special day even more memorable, a micro-wedding can allow you to share the emotions and memories of your wedding day with your loved ones. Make sure to spend some time curating your guest list!

Easier Logistics

After 2020, the wedding industry bounced back in 2022, handling its busiest season in 40 years and seeing over 2.5 million weddings in the US alone. While this trend continues in 2023, it is essential to remember that you might need help to secure your dream location or perfect vendors when competing against millions of couples!

Micro-weddings can help you make the logistics of planning your wedding easier - even if you are planning to tie the knot with just a few months' notice!

More Options for a Creative Celebration

Reducing your guest list and hosting an intimate celebration can be an excellent way to experiment with alternative wedding themes or trends. For example, you might get married outdoors, host the ceremony in your backyard, or throw a themed party. Whatever your dream wedding, choosing a micro celebration can make it happen!

Organizing Your Dream Micro-Wedding in NJ: 3 Unmissable Tips

Organizing a micro-wedding is undoubtedly more straightforward than planning a traditional reception. Nonetheless, there is a little more to remember to bring to life your dream wedding - start with the tips below!

Location, Location, Location: Choosing the Right Venue Is Key!

When it comes down to hosting a micro-wedding, your chosen location will make all the difference! A venue that is too spacious will make your ceremony feel dispersive. On the other hand, a small space can make the room feel crowded and stuffy!

So, how can you nail your choice of venue? If you need help getting started, the team at The Warehouse by David Alan has all the experience to guide you in designing the perfect space for your micro-wedding. Contact us to learn more and get a custom quote.

Focus on Quality and Personalization

Micro weddings can help you save on decorations, flowers, and venue space. However, when it comes down to creating the right atmosphere and sharing your special day with your loved ones, you should emphasize quality and personalization. Some great ideas include curating the menu, offering personalized favors, and choosing high-quality minimalist decor.

Work With a Specialized Wedding Planner

Because micro-weddings are easier to plan and execute than traditional receptions, you might be tempted to opt for a DIY approach. However, this can negatively impact the overall experience of your guests and the wedding atmosphere. What's more, it can place excessive stress and pressure on you and your other half!

To ensure that you are making the most of your special day and bringing to life your dream wedding, hiring a specialized wedding planner should always be the first step. Contact the experienced team of wedding specialists at The Warehouse by David Alan to start planning your dream celebrations.

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