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Your Complete Guide To Throwing A Micro Wedding

2020 naturally saw an increase in micro weddings. However, since the growth in popularity of these smaller, more relaxed gatherings, micro weddings are here to stay. A micro wedding typically has a guest list of 40 or fewer people but can be as little as a party of 10.

However, the idea of a micro wedding is more about having a personalized and intimate day than it is about the size of your guest list.

This guide will give you all the advice and support you need when deciding to have a micro wedding.

Throwing a Micro Wedding

Work Out Your Budget

Like every event, micro weddings still have a budget. Micro weddings cost about half of a more extensive wedding day. Write down how much you have in savings, how much people have offered to contribute, and how much you can realistically afford to spend on the day itself. All other plans stem from this original budget plan. Budgets influence how much you can spend per individual you invite, which is a bonus for micro weddings with a more selective guest list.

Pick A Venue That Reflects Your Personality

A micro wedding is a perfect opportunity to pick a venue unique to your personality. The day itself will be more intimate, which takes the focus off keeping lots of guests happy and makes it about what you enjoy. If you’ve always dreamed of a rustic farmhouse micro wedding, a venue like The Warehouse by David Alan might be the perfect place for you. Choose a venue where you feel at home and comfortable.

Spend Intentionally

When you have a larger wedding party, you might have to sacrifice certain things over others. Do you want the dress of your dreams or for a three-course meal to be served to your guests? With a micro wedding, you spend money on fewer guests, which opens up far more budget flexibility. You can spend money on the things that matter to you most, whether your wedding dress or your wedding cake. A micro wedding allows you to have everything you want from your dream wedding.

Invite The People That Matter To You The Most

A micro wedding has a far more intimate guest list than other, larger weddings. This means that you can be highly selective with whom you invite. With larger wedding lists, you might feel additional pressure to explain why your cousin and their kids can’t come to your big day. With micro weddings, people already know the guest list might be small. This takes the pressure off you to invite everyone to your event and instead means you can invite the people that matter the most to you.

Choose What Traditions You Want To Keep

A micro wedding allows you to invest more in your guests, so technically, you can have every traditional wedding element. However, if you want to use this opportunity to take a break from what tradition dictates, you can pick and choose what you want for your day. You might want to skip the first dance, buy all your guests a present, or wear a bright blue wedding dress. Let your imagination have fun!

Micro Wedding Venue

Invest In An Expert

A wedding planner might seem like an extravagance when planning a large wedding. With a micro wedding, the reduced headcount means you can finally invest in the expert you’ve always wanted. At The Warehouse, all of our brides and grooms have access to our wedding planner to help plan every element of your special day. Wedding planners take all the stress out of your special day and can help you make your dream micro wedding a reality.

Why Should I Have A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding has lots of benefits over a larger wedding. If you want a bigger event and have the time and money to invest in planning, you should go ahead! But if you’re looking for something a little more intimate, here are just some of the benefits of hosting a micro wedding.

You’ll Be Able To Spend Time With Everyone

A micro wedding means that you get to spend more time with everyone on your special day. With a smaller party, you don’t have to divide your time among many people and can instead spend time with the people who matter the most. Your guests will also be happier as they get to be more included and involved in your day.

Have All The Prices Included With One Venue

With a micro wedding at The Warehouse, you can roll your catering, venue, and wedding planner into one budget. Take the stress out of bringing in multiple suppliers and significantly reduce the amount of research you need to do ahead of the big day.

You Can Make The Experience More Personal

A micro wedding is a more focused and intimate event that allows you to add personalized touches throughout the day. You can get more customized party favors for your guests and more expensive and thoughtful gifts. You can also make the experience more meaningful and unique to you as a couple.

Take All The Stress Out Of Wedding Planning & The Big Day

Weddings are always going to be beautiful, but they often come with a bit of stress for the couple. With micro weddings, you can have a simpler, more peaceful day. You’ll have fewer people to please and more time to slow down and enjoy the day. If you don’t want big groups of people, a micro wedding is a perfect way to take the stress out of your big day.

Micro Weddings At The Warehouse By David Alan

Micro weddings at The Warehouse incorporate everything you need for your special day. Our boutique venue is home to rustic chandeliers, high-end catering, and premier customer service. When you choose us as your wedding venue, you can feel confident that your intimate micro wedding will be the day you always dreamed of. Contact us to find out how our venue and wedding planning service can help you make the most of your big day.

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