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Image by Jon Tyson


  • Can we bring our own adult beverages?
    Yes, we insist! Whatever our bartenders don't use, you can return after your event.
  • Do you have speakers?
    Yes, but you need to access them through our Sonos system on a private network.
  • How soon before the event can we get in to decorate?
    Typically, two hours before. But, if there is no event prior to yours, you can access the room the same day and stay for as long as you'd like.
  • Can we play with the floor plan and seating?
    Yes, of course! Our event planner will collaborate with you to determine the best floor plan for your event.
  • If it is nice out, we can we use the outdoor patio?
  • Do you have a room charge?
    Yes; $395 for each room.
  • What happens if my event goes past the pre-discussed ending time?
    You will incur a $50 per hour, per employee charge.
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