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What Is The Best Month For Weddings In New Jersey?

Fall is the most popular time for weddings in New Jersey, with September and October being the top two choices. The mild and dry weather over these months makes it the perfect time to consider getting married in NJ.

This article will explore factors that can influence which month you get married in New Jersey.

Weddings in New Jersey

Local Events

Some local events will block traffic and slow down your wedding day in New Jersey. No one wants their big day competing with a local event, where accommodation and suppliers might be extremely busy.

Miss America

The Miss America Pageant is held in Atlantic City in September, which can book up nearby accommodations and suppliers like florists and cause local prices to rise. For this reason, the most popular month for people to get married in South Jersey is October rather than September.

Jersey Shore Summer

The Jersey Shore is packed during the summer months, making a wedding near the beach impossible. Due to its popularity, beachfront weddings over the summer months are also costly.

Hoboken St Patrick's Day

Hoboken St Patrick's Day happens on March 5th and is a huge local event with weeks of festivities. There is a local parade each year, which can mean that accommodation in the surrounding areas is limited for the entire month of March.

Seasonal Weather

The weather plays a huge part in deciding when you get married in New Jersey. It also determines where you get married. Here are the best months to get married, depending on your wedding location.

An Indoor Wedding In July

July is New Jersey's rainiest and hottest month, making an indoor wedding an excellent way to avoid the rain and heat.

A Snowy Wedding In December

If you want a white and wintery wedding, November and December are great months to get married in New Jersey. You can benefit from lower rates as well as having a festive wedding.

An Outdoor Wedding In Spring Or Fall

Outdoor weddings in New Jersey are best done in the spring or the fall, where the crisp and dry weather makes it a more reliable time to plan a wedding. Benefit from glorious local flowers in spring and crisp, crunchy leaves in Autumn.


The budget also plays a huge part in deciding when you get married. Off-wedding season in New Jersey is traditionally the winter months, so booking in November and December is more affordable than in summer. If you have a higher budget, you will likely have more freedom when you choose to get married, as long as the venue you want is available.


The best month for your wedding might depend on finding an available wedding slot. Last-minute cancellations might make the best month to get married January, July, or December. If you are so in love you want to get married in a few weeks, then every month is technically the best month to get married in.


The best month to get married also depends on the wedding venue you want to use. Outdoor venues might only be open for the summer months, while indoor venues might be trendy over the busy wedding period of September and October. When you choose your venue, you need to line it up with the weather forecast to ensure it's appropriate for your special day.

Guest List

The size of your guest list will influence which month you get married. Huge guest lists might make the popular wedding months too expensive over the summer and fall. Micro weddings, which traditionally have fewer guests, might give you more flexibility in terms of pricing. With a small or mid-tier guest list, you might have more money to spend on getting married at the time you want.

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