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How to Plan the Best 40th Birthday Party in NJ

It's time for your big four-oh. Your 40th birthday has arrived, and it's time to throw the biggest party you've ever seen! You want this to be a night you and everyone you invite remember for a long time. Likewise, you want your birthday to be a classy affair surrounded by friends and family. So, how do you plan everything?

You've already completed the first step - clicking on this blog post! Now, we can reveal some top tips to help you plan the best 40th birthday party in New Jersey:

40th birthday party in NJ

Choose a Venue

The journey begins with selecting a birthday party venue. It's best to find a birthday party venue that can hold many guests and handle anything from live entertainment to bar and catering. It should also be in a good location, making it easier for your guests to find.

Thankfully, you're in the right place. The Warehouse by David Alan is a private, boutique event space perfect for your 40th birthday party in New Jersey. It's transformed into a rustic, farmhouse-style venue that looks stunning and can accommodate a large party size. The venue can also be customized to suit your needs, making hosting a fantastic 40th birthday party easier.

Set a Theme

What's going to be the theme of your birthday party? Do you want to get a bit creative, or are you trying to keep it classy? Perhaps you want to put on a fancy black-tie event, or maybe you'd like everyone to dress up in a particular way.

One clever idea is to theme your 40th birthday on the year or decade you were born. So, if you're celebrating it this year, everyone should come in 80s-themed gear. It's a fun way to celebrate your birth and commemorate this massive milestone.

The choice is entirely up to you - just set a theme, so everyone knows how to dress, and you can alter the venue to fit the theme.

Create Your Guest List

Whom do you want at your birthday party? Is it a small event consisting of close family and friends, or do you wish to extend the invites to a broader crowd? Again, it is totally up to you - different people like celebrating in other ways!

Regardless, create your guest list to make some 40th birthday party invitations. Ensure the invites tell the guests when the party will take place, where it will be, what to wear, and what to expect.

Remember, if you're running with a theme, the invitations should be comfortable too! You should inform every guest how they can RSVP to the event. This is important as you need to know how many people will attend before you can start preparing everything.

Get The Food & Drinks Ready

Once you've received your RSVPs, you can start planning key elements for your big birthday party. At the top of your list will be the food & drink. Now, you could choose a set menu at your party, asking every guest to pick an option for every course. Or, you could have a birthday buffet.

Truthfully, buffets work the best. You can have a collection of food for people to pick and choose as they like throughout the night. A set menu works when you're hosting a classier birthday party event. This will be better if you opt for a posh black-tie party.

Of course, there needs to be a bar. Your venue should have one, and you must ensure the bartenders can mix a range of drinks. If you're feeling generous, pay for an open bar to let everyone drink for free!

Figure Out The Entertainment

Finally, you need to have some form of entertainment at your 40th birthday party. Think about different party games people can play, and consider booking some musical entertainment too. A live band or DJ will do the trick so that you can celebrate all night long.

It's super important that your guests have a fun time, or they won't remember your big party for the right reasons at all!

On that note, you know how to plan the best 40th birthday party New Jersey has ever seen. It's all about choosing the right venue, picking a fun theme, filling your guests with fantastic food & drinks, and keeping them entertained all evening.

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40th birthday parties at The Warehouse by David Alan include everything you need for your event. Our boutique venue is home to rustic chandeliers, high-end catering, and premier client service. When you choose The Warehouse by David Alan as your birthday party venue, you can feel confident that your party will succeed!

Contact us to find out how our venue and 40th birthday party planning services can help you make the most of your big day.

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