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10 Wedding Trends We’re Predicting for 2023

2022 will always be the year of the return of the post-pandemic wedding scene. But what unique wedding trends will emerge in 2023? We’ve seen many personalized wedding styles and non-traditional wedding trends emerge as we all play wedding catch-up. There’s been a shift to more intimate affairs and more importance on your guests and what part they play in your big day.

Here’s our prediction on the ten wedding trends we expect will be popular in 2023.

wedding trends

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings are intimate wedding affairs that usually have 40 or fewer guests. They can have all the traditional wedding elements or be unique to the individual. The main idea of a micro wedding is that it can be more relaxed and focused on very close friends and family. The bride and groom have more time to spend together and with each guest when compared to a larger wedding. Budgets are also less stretched as you can spend more money on each guest per head without cutting back on costs elsewhere.

Males Of Honor

We spent so long being unable to see each other that it’s only natural that we want to expand our bridal party to include our closest friends. That might mean you have mates or males of honor rather than maids, groomsmaids rather than groomsmen, or flower boys rather than flower girls. You might see a few women at the bachelor party or a few men at the bachelorette. Many of us are ready to dispense with the tradition and make sure we have a great time with the people that matter to us most.

Black, White, Or Neutral Tones

We’ve all been to weddings dominated by deep purples, bright coral tones, or stunning aquas. But many couples are now looking at the drama of black and white photography. Black and white signage and a black bridesmaid dress make a white wedding dress stand out. Many couples are opting for more neutral tones alongside black or white to make for a romantic, softer wedding theme.

Sustainable Weddings

Sustainable wedding floristry has become increasingly popular as brides think more about how they can use their flowers throughout their big day. Wedding bouquets might be popped in as flower arrangements for the top table, or they might use artificial flowers in place of live blooms. An eco-friendly menu might also be on the cards for 2023. Local and ethically sourced food will be on-trend, with ways to reduce wastage a top priority for many couples in 2023.

2023 wedding trends

Wedding Suits For Women

2020 marked the emergence of the popularity of the bridal suit for women. Many models and fashion houses showcased the bridal suit in early 2020, and its popularity has been building ever since. For many, wedding trends lean towards more personalized styles, with evening wear, non-white dresses, and female suits set to take center stage in 2023. For many men, the pressure is off to wear a traditional tux and explore more comfortable bridal wear.


The search for pearl wedding dresses has increased in 2022, with the trend set to become even more popular in 2023. Pearls can sit anywhere on a wedding dress, from the veil to the shoes, and are a prominent jewelry feature; think pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They are an elegant and timeless piece of wedding glamor that has been part of weddings since their conception.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings were very common between 2020 and 2021, and this trend only looks set to continue. An outdoor wedding with the protection of a gazebo offers a considerable variety compared to a specified location indoors. As long as the venue has a license and some cover, you can choose from various locations and backdrops for more photo opportunities. During the colder months, an indoor venue with outdoor options may also be trendy in 2023.

Unique Lighting

More intimate weddings call for unique lighting. In 2023 bespoke lighting is set to dominate weddings, with candles and low-hanging bulbs set to add some soft backlight to the wedding pictures. Outdoor weddings also attract some unique wedding trends, like lanterns festooned on low-hanging tree branches and delicate twinkly fairy lights. Intimate and soft lighting is set to dominate weddings in 2023, creating a more relaxed and close-knit setting.

Local Weddings

Destination weddings were extremely popular in 2019, but the inevitable cancellations in 2020-2021 significantly impacted traveling for weddings. Many couples choose to have local weddings and reduce the expense of flying their family overseas. Destination weddings are also a negative for those looking to have more sustainable weddings. With local weddings, you can feel confident that the people you want on your big day are more likely to make it.

Personalized Weddings

Couples seem set to reduce their wedding guest list in 2023, with only 17% of couples wanting over 100 guests in 2022. With the smaller guest list, many people are choosing to reject a traditional wedding with an extensive guest list and many of the usual formalities. Relaxed lunches, mismatched color schemes, and smaller guest lists will dominate in 2023. The past few years have seen people forgo the traditional, large wedding, and they don’t miss it for many. The benefits of a personalized wedding are that the couple and their guests can feel more comfortable on their big day.

Enjoy Your 2023 Wedding At The Warehouse By David Alan

At The Warehouse, we are a fancy farmhouse venue that can offer you the intimate, personalized micro wedding you’ve always dreamed of. We’re right on top of the 2023 wedding trends and can provide you with an unforgettable day with your favorite people. Enjoy a relaxed and romantic special day with our twinkling chandeliers, premier customer service, and even a wedding planner to make organizing your big day hassle-free.

Talk to our in-house team today for more information about micro weddings at The Warehouse. We’ll make sure your big day is one to remember.

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