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5 Unique Themes for Your Next Event at The Warehouse by David Alan

What theme should you choose for your next event? Whether you're holding a birthday party, wedding celebration, bridal shower, or something else, you can wow all of your guests if you choose a theme that plays to their imagination.

Look at the unique theme ideas listed below to get your creative juices flowing. You don't have to choose any of these themes, of course, when you're planning your party. But whatever theme you decide upon, let us know, and we will help you turn your vision into reality.

#1: Hollywood

A Hollywood theme is ideal if you are planning an event party for somebody in love with the movies. You could roll out a red carpet to make each of your guests feel like true stars when they enter the room and perhaps have somebody on hand to act as the paparazzi with a camera in hand, so your guests can act like real stars and pose for photos as they arrive.

Your guests could dress up like movie stars when they enter the Oscars ceremony. Or they could come in fancy dress as their favorite movie star.

Your decor could include movie posters, clapperboards, photo walls of famous movie stars, or themed decor related to specific movies.

For the menu, you could choose foods that are movie-related, such as spaghetti and meatballs (from Lady and The Tramp), a Big Kahuna burger (from Pulp Fiction), and ratatouille (as featured in the movie of the same name).

#2: Winter Wonderland

If you are holding your event around Christmastime (or want to throw a little magical party), you could turn The Warehouse into your winter wonderland.

Encourage your guests to dress up in warm coats as if they were entering through a wardrobe into Narnia and have somebody on hand to sprinkle fake snow on them as they arrive through the doors.

Decor can include sparkly snowflakes that can be hung from the ceiling and moon-shaped balloons filled with glitter. Around the room could be snowmen built from white balloons, and on the tables could be tree decorations dusted with fake snow.

For your menu, consider bowls of warm soup, chili, and other foods ideal for a cold winter's day. And for drinks, consider white chocolate cocktails or something to ward off the winter chill, such as glasses of mulled wine.

#3: Back To School

Let your guests relive their teenage years at a 'Back To School' event. Encourage them to come in school uniform or any outfit they wore when they were younger. They could fashion their hair in the style they wore as teenagers too!

For decor, you could adorn the walls with high school photos of your guests (ask them for these in advance), chalkboard signs, and other school-based decorations, such as large inflatable pencils that could be hung on the wall inflatable globes that could be put on each table.

Your guests should queue for food as if at a school canteen. You could choose foods you remember from your school days, such as lunchmeat sandwiches, pink jelly, and custard. Or you could offer them a more deserving spread that suits your budget.

#4: Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Theme your event around Lewis Carroll's 'Alice Through The Looking Glass.' Ask your guests to wear a top hat or encourage them to come in fancy dress as one of the book's characters.

You could decorate tables with teacups, saucers, and teapots of varying sizes, only some of which will be used for serving your guest's drinks. Larger items could be crafted from things you have at home, such as a flower planter that could be turned into a giant teapot.

Turn the room into a garden, with inflatable mushrooms and floral decorations, and adorn the walls with giant playing cards and clocks that are stopped at tea-time.

Provide a variety of party foods that are pre-arranged on each table. And for entertainment, you could set up a game of croquet (with flamingo-shaped bats) that can be played outdoors.

#5: Roaring Twenties

Dinner parties were all the rage in the roaring 20s, so this could be the ideal theme if you want to hold a very classy event.

Encourage your guests to dress the part. Women could come in flapper dresses, feather boas, and sequin headbands, and men could wear slim jazz suits with a bowler or fedora on top of their heads.

Black and gold are the colors most commonly associated with 1920s decor, so that you could decorate the walls with black and gold balloons, gold metallic tinsel curtains, and golden beads.

For drinks, consider mixed cocktails and martinis, and for the dinner menu, choose from this list of 1920s party food.


In conclusion, The Warehouse by David Alan offers a range of unique themes that can make your next event stand out from the crowd. Whether planning a corporate gathering, a wedding reception, or a birthday party, The Warehouse by David Alan has the space and the creativity to make your vision a reality. So why not book your next event here and experience the magic yourself?

Ready to host your next event at The Warehouse by David Alan? Contact us today to discuss your theme ideas and schedule a tour of our stunning venue. Let's create an unforgettable experience together!

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